100 research paper topics

Are you looking for some great topics to impress your literature review research paper tutor? Well search no more because below are 100 research paper topics carefully selected to pump up those grades.

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  1. Chilling: Does it pay to wait for the right time and the right spouse?
  2. Wars and states: A comparison of why they begun and if there is an end
  3. Publication of products: Does word of mouth have greater results than media advertising?
  4. Turbulence: Its effects on planes above water bodies
  5. Terrorists attacks: A literature review on the most feared invaders
  6. Substance abuse nurses: what is their role in the patient’s recovery?
  7. Freedom and rights: Is there a difference?
  8. Performing arts that really define art
  9. The top 100 research paper topics based on effect the effects of social class on the scores in sports fields.
  10. Awards and beauty contests: find out what the top 100 research paper topics say about them
  11. Does a fallen priest contribute to a fallen church?
  12. What makes a good research paper:

You can add more to the examples above of to complete the list of great 100 research paper topics. When you are done writing the body and conclusion, take the time to analyze the importance of the information and their credibility among other researches done before. The main things you can use to consider your work’s worth are:

Comparison and similarity

No man is an island and no matter how original your work is, fate always links your ideas to someone else’s on the other side of the globe. So holding your articles close to your chest to prevent plagiarism will be a really bad move because you will need criticism and discussions to be done over your topics.  Iron sharpens iron and your talent has to grow. The best way to do so is compare your work with a few lists of 100 research paper topics that may or may not be related to your ideas.

Skill and Personal growth

If at the end of the day, your work or skills do not seem to go a step ahead, you may need to consider taking up another career or consider other topics that you can relate well with. The great thing about research is that information is globally available and at a cheap cost. You just have to get your hands dirty by digging deeper. If you do not find the facts from online, magazines articles or novels you can use your imagination and observe the things around you. Experience is the best teacher and you can rest assured that a song’s emotion rests in its originality.

If you do not believe in what you want to make others believe, do not bother. A good research writer should be able to bring out his ideas by putting himself in the reader’s shoes and those directly affected by the topic. This is where creativity comes in and professionalism is defined. Take the challenge.

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