When you set to write an adoption research paper ensure that you understand the pros and con that come with adoption. Generally adoption is done for the child’s sake. More often than not the parent is unable to fend for the child and hands custody of the child to a children’s home who ensure that the child gets basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter until they have attained maturity to fend for themselves. One issue that often affects adoption is sealing records. This is ensuring that the adopted child’s private information is not revealed to anyone.

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Advantages of sealing adoption records

When you write an adoption research paper that has aspects of sealing records you need to state why it may be favor of the child. This gives the reader ideas of what is involved and helps them better understand what it is all about. When adoption records are sealed effects are diverse. Some of them are good such as;

  • Child gets a home

When writing about an adoption research paper, the adoptee gets to have a roof on top their head, clothes and food. These are the basic aspects that are important to any human being. This is important for parents who cannot afford to provide these needs to the child.

  • Privacy

Adoption research paper about sealing records is good for the adoptees and their birth parents because it offers privacy. This is particularly so for the parents. Depending on the circumstances which the child was born, the parents may not have been adequately prepared and therefore their privacy cannot be reveled once the records have been sealed.


Disadvantages of sealing adoption records

It is important for your research paper to be objective. Therefore when you state advantages of sealing adoption records you need to state disadvantages as well. It is particularly interesting to note that sealing adoption records has sparked a lot of debate from al parties involved. This includes birth parents, adoptees and even parents who adopt.

  • Once the adoptee reaches maturity, the need to reconnect with their family is important. It can however be discouraging when they do not where to start. This is because this information cannot be released to them. This can particularly be discouraging when you want to find out the situations surrounding why you were put up for adoption in the first place.
  • Sealed records means that the information cannot be revealed for whatever reason to the parties involved violating the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment which ensures that a child has a right to basic information. No information is availed about the child including details on their birth certificate.
  • Sealed adoption records are often a process that is irreversible in most states. The need to connect with your loved ones later in life is close to impossible in such instances.

To write an adoption research paper ensure that you state both the advantages and disadvantages. Information about the adoptee is restricted to all the parties involved including the birth parents. However it’s important to note that the only instance which adoption records can be unsealed is in the case of a medical emergency.



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