5 page research paper on George Washington’s biography


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Children are full of life and fun which is why they spend most of their tender years screaming, running around and disobeying your order not to stray too far away. Maybe you should consider following them to enlarge their little minds when they squat over a crazy looking beetle. They might just be asking for a little consideration and explanation of how the little insect can survive in such a big world. Has your son told you that he wants to become like George Washington or the latest president Obama when he grows up? You might consider purchasing a George Washington research paper to expound their understanding of what makes up the history of a great leader. With the great urge to understand everything, it would be a great idea to get at least 5 page research paper of his biography. This will make reading easy for them and also put into consideration, their ability to pay attention. Their fragile minds can only capture little information at a time and once they have gotten a bit of this great leader’s history, they may drift away to other things. A summary is the ideal choice for a child of 5-10 years.

Here is list of the points to consider if you choose to make a 5 page research paper by yourself. It can also help you learn abit of it too.

Birth date and place

The date and place of birth is an essential part of the research, which in this case is the 22nd day of February in 1732 inWestmoreland County,Virginia. In most cases, the names of their parents do not feature much in a leader’s biography but it is important. A child would be more interested in a leader who has similar traits and you should be able to identify this for them. It will help them identify the strengths that made their role model popular and seek to fill the big shoes as they grow up.

A good 5 research paper on George Washington may include his wife and children. This helps the child embrace the importance of a family’s link to a profession. This great leader also experienced losses in battle in New Yorkand to Britainbut he was later elected as President of the U.S.This part of the 5 page research paper will help the child know that it is alright to loss at some point in life but they should take this as a stepping stone towards victory in future. Not necessarily as a president but a great man in the society.

At this point, you can go into details about the main sectors the president was directly involved and how he went about it. For instance, he took great concern in foreign policy which was to maintain peace between his citizens and the French. During your discussion with the young ones, explain the few principles of the 5 page research paper content and link them to a normal citizen’s life.

George Washington died on the 14th day of December in the year 1799. Use this part to summarize and mention other leaders who have a similar lineage as the leader your child aspires to be like which will give them other options to choose from. It improves your child’s analysis and decision making skills.

Use the 5 page research paper to educate and steer your child’s future into the right direction. Enjoy your parent-child quality time.

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