6 Steps to a 5 page Research Paper

For most students, writing a long college paper is a much easier task that writing a 5 page research paper. While in longer papers, the student may take his time exploring his topics and explaining his various observations at length, the 5 page research paper leaves only enough space for the most crucial information, delivered in the most concise terms. In fact, shorter papers, such as the 5 page research paper call upon the student to display the very best of his writing abilities.
The trick in writing a successful 5 page research paper is to break up the most vital project information into clear sections, then packing each on with as much information as they can hold. The use of the English language in developing a 5 page research paper is most important, as the good student should aim to use a single word, where they would normally use 2 or even 3. A suggested 6-step process in which to develop a successful 5 page research paper is set out below:
1. Identify the 5 page research paper topic: This is a vital factor, as the student must aim for a topic that is sufficiently broad that he may cover it in a 5 page research paper, without leaving the reader dissatisfied by too many unanswered questions. The 5 page research paper topic should also be malleable enough to be broken down successfully into clear sections.

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2. Breaking the 5 page research paper topic down into 3 to 4 sections: This may be successfully accomplished by treating each section as its own independent project, and dedicating a page and a half to each one. As the Introduction and Conclusion should take up a maximum of two comprehensive paragraphs each, the space in between can easily be shared out between crucial points, even if one section requires more space than another.

3. Labor over the Introduction: The introduction of any college paper must be carefully worked to draw in the reader, and so, in the 5 page research paper, should consists in a summary of the 5 page research paper purpose, packed with as many enticing information as possible. It may be useful to use the Introduction to highlight the upcoming sections in which the student has hosted his main body of work.

4. The Write-up: Each section of a 5 page research paper should be determined by a heading, followed by punchy beginning sentence. The gist of the information should then be clearly set out, along with references to the supporting information from the research material used by the student. Where a solid block of quoted material from the research material will suffice to make a point, the student should not be shy to use it in his 5 page research paper, especially if it contains a word count that would work out to being shorter and more concise that his own paraphrasing. Students should remember that block quotes must be clearly indicated and referenced.

5. Footnotes as a Reference Section: If pressed for space within a 5 page research paper, it should be acceptable for students to include references in their footnotes, as opposed to dedicating a part the fifth page as a separate reference section. References should nevertheless be appropriately detailed.

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