A Basic Guideline in Writing APA Style Research Paper Template

When writing research paper APA style it is important to follow a clear and systematic format that often characterizes it. The format is often indicated in the use of numbers, font used as well as headers and footers.

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American Psychological Association or APA is a style often used when dealing with statistics and percentages. This style is preferred by organizations that deal with research. The need to work with both simple and complex sentences is also important   and knowing how to in cooperate APA research is very important.


Tips on using APA style on a research paper


  • When writing APA style research paper template make sure you include a title page. If the research paper has in cooperated headers and footers the need to be consistent is very important.  If you use headers and footers make sure they appear on the title page as well. This will let the reader immediately identify the writing style used from the beginning.


  • When writing APA research paper the use of a header and footer can easily be added to the research paper. Word processor comes in handy because it gives you those options. To distinguish the two apart it is important to note that it is standard for the header to appear at the top of the page whereas footer will appear at the bottom. This applies to all headers and footers used throughout the research paper.  


  • APA style research paper template is very particular when stating numbers. In the event that you need to state a particular year in plural form and “s” is included. What makes APA style stand out is that the use of an apostrophe is not included. For example 1800 is written as 1800s as opposed to 1800’s. This helps set APA style apart from other styles.


    • The need to be consistent when writing the APA style is very important. Numerals used severally should appear the same throughout. That consistency shows that you are professional as well. For example the need to increase doctors’ wages by 30% is very important. The 30% is an amount needed to ensure that the doctors are motivated for the tireless effort they make to ensure the Nation stays healthy.


    • APA style research paper template is characteristic of the use of numbers. Those below 10 are written in words for example one, seven, four and three. While those numbers that are above ten are written in numerically for example 55, 70, 12


  • The use of third person- When using APA style requires the writer to write using the third person. In addition the use of active voice as opposed to passive voice.


  • A basic requirement used when writing an abstract for APA style research paper template is avoiding the use of italics, underlining or bolding the words used. In addition for you to go to the next line you simply need to press enter. 


APA style research paper template uses set rules or guidelines to set it apart from other writing styles. Numbers below 10 are written in words while those that are above are written numerically. The style is also characteristic of headers and footers that may be used from the title page.


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