A Guideline to Writing an Architecture Research Paper

When you set yourself to writing architecture research paper is sure to find out what kind of architecture you are going to focus on. There are several types of architecture such as historical, anthropological and psychological. This will help determine which topic to narrow down to and what information you should particularly research to get a better understanding of the topic.

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What you need to know about writing a research paper on Architecture

Research paper writing often requires a writer to choose a subject and narrow down on specifics about the subject involves explaining terms and possible procedures needed to effectively work on the research. For example when you want to write an architectural research paper you may want to include interesting facts about historical aspects that influence.


  • Abstract- Generally when writing a research paper the use of an abstract should involve a summary of what the architectural research paper is all about. For example including aspects such as location, time period as well as style is important. This gives the reader an insight of what goes on in the architectural world.
  • Methods and materials- Methods and materials are important when writing a paper on architecture. This is because it shows the historical aspect that influenced the choice of materials and how they are linked to the final product.
  • Acknowledgements- Is simply recognizing individuals who help influences the design.
  • Literature cited- When writing an architectural paper content and references are often used. It is professional to give credit to these sources of information by stating where they were derived from. Using such information is important because it shows that your paper is well researched and that you do not personally take credit for someone else’s research analysis and review of the subject matter. 
  • Having a structure- A structure in a research paper is very critical. This is because it acts as a guide for the writer and ensures that the research paper flows. The most common structure used in research papers includes an introduction, main body and a short and precise conclusion.
  • Introduction- The introduction in an Architectural research paper is very vital this is because it not only gives the reader an insight of what the subject matter is all about but also ensures that the reader has an idea of what the paper is about as well. As a writer it is important to also state terms and words used in architectural world.
  • Main body- the main body further expounds the introduction. It ensures that the reader gets additional information about the main subject matter. Here for the architecture paper to be credible you need to cite sources of information form journals, books or the internet that have established themselves in the architectural industry.
  • Conclusion- The conclusion of the paper often states the outcome and how the different aspects mentioned in the introduction and main body come together to form something meaningful.

Writing an architectural research paper involves narrowing down on a particular subject matter and logically explaining it through the basic research paper structure. This structure includes an introduction, main body and a conclusion that is often short and precise.


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