Abortion Research Papers: The Benefits Of Abortion

Should abortion be legal at whatever cost? This topic according to many has not been given as much weight as expected. It is a crucial part of our lives in spite of the gender, age and social class. Women are the centre of humanity therefore abortion should be handled with the greatest concern possible. This article will highlight the findings of various abortion research papers globally.
According to abortion research papers, the population of a country does after all determine whether a child will live or die in her mother’s womb. This is because in India, rich families opt to let male children live and abort females. Dr. Prabhat Jha clarified that when a first born is a female, a selective abortion is done in China. Asked why this happens the explanation was to even the gender ratio of the country’s population. It is however up to the individual families to make this a family policy because the government does not approve it.
In the African culture, abortion research papers disclose that the inhuman act did not begin with the rise in sexual activities. The main reason for abortions are unwanted pregnancies and the worst of all was in the African culture where girls who got pregnant before they reached the age allowed by their communities.
When the mother’s life is at stake abortion research papers say that is easier to save the mother than risking both lives. It also applies in cases of rapes hence to save the lady’s public image and prevent her from living with the reminder of the horrific encounter, she can either chose to abort or give the child away. This is constitutional liberty that has to be respected.
Abortion is also common for saving a financially unstable couple. Most families prefer to abort the fetus if they are not able to bring up the child as compared to giving it up for adoption. On the contrary, other abortion research papers reflect light on the abortion in Philippines which is legally restricted. This is due to the methods used to get rid of the unborn baby. In 1994, 12% of the maternal deaths reported were caused by illegal abortion.
Based on the number of women treated with abortion complications, failed induced abortions, you would think the number would reduce but it is regrettably increasing as time goes by. The only sure way of preventing them so far confirmed by women who have been lucky enough to talk to researchers from abortion research papers.
According to abortion research papers, birth controls have in some cases been reported as unreliable. This is because is due to the use of herbal birth controls that led to miscarriages and an increase to 54% of the cases of abortion confessed to have used contraception measures.
In 2007, a lady disclosed to a researcher for an anonymous abortion research papers that she had used Depo-Provera to prevent pregnancy and asked if the option of abortion was right? There have been increased cases of prostitutes who sell their body to get their daily bread, of birth control which shows that you can only rely on abstinence as a sure way of birth control.
Some abortion research papers also give feedback from depressed teenagers who feel like they are not loved. They end up making the decision of not having children because of their childhood treatment. As they grow older and face the reality of having to decide whether they will step into their parents’ shoes and bear the burden of bringing up children. The choice of abortion pops up when they engage in sexual acts to fulfill their desires to be embraced. Abortion research papers have reported increasing cases of abortion in the last ten years as compared to the 1980s.
Abortion does not only benefit women but men also gain from it. Below are some of the advantages of abortion to men according to abortion research papers.
During the excitement age in life, adolescence tends to bring its surprises along too. At a tender age, a young man may want to experiment what his parents always tell him is wrong. Then he proves the ancestors right when they said that the world will teach you what your mother could not. After the abortion, there are abortion research papers and counseling services offered to both parties to educate them on the way they can protect themselves and prevent them from repeating the same mistakes in future.
Abortion research papers help to educate the public on the merits and demerits of abortion, but if you think experience is indeed the best teacher in this case, go ahead and rewrite your own abortion research papers and do not forget to indicate the consequences later on.

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