Age appropriate suggestions for 8th grade research paper topics

8th graders are normally between the ages 13-14 and are slowly maturing into young adults.  This is the year just before they join high school where there will be required to apply themselves more into their school work. This means that they will now be writing sophisticated Research papers unlike the simple essays they did in the lower grades. As a teacher or pupil it is there fore good to be aware of the age appropriate topics that can be tackled at this grade. The 8th grade research paper topics that they can tackle in their academic research papers and they include:-

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Current issues

At this age, 8th grader research paper topics can include current issues as they are already aware of what’s happening around them. They are sensitive what goes on in the country and are able form opinions about them. Things like famine, global warming, school shootings and even the education system can make for good topics. They can write about the causes, effects and even remedies for these problems.


Historical events

Most young people are normally fascinated with historical events and famous people who made them happen. They could be the great Depression, Assassinations, Old presidents, the economic melt down and even the history of Native Americans. However it’s recommended that the events be narrowed down to a specific event of a person. For instance instead of talking about the holocaust in general they can talk about Adolf Hitler or follow one survivors journey through the holocaust.


Favourite things

This where they have the freedom to write about what they like or what interests them in the academic paper. It could be an Athlete, Artist, hobby, subject e.g. Astronomy, celebrity or even a pet. When writing about persons it is good to read biographies as there are many of them going around with plenty of information that will benefit the pupil. The 8th grade research paper topics can include a place they visited that had a great significance in their lives. Most schools normally organize school trips so even for those who have never gone for vacation will still have something to write about. It could be a vacation to the Eiffel tower, the Grand Canyon, or a visit to the museum or an animal farm.


Social problems

Teenagers as young as they are go though a lot of pressures in their lives. From drugs, bullying, poverty and sometimes even eating disorders. They can write how their lives have been affected, the causes and solutions on how to make them better.



At 8th grade the pupils are already aware of the mysterious happenings around their surroundings or in the country. The UFO’s and aliens, haunted houses and disappearance of persons can make for good 8th grade research paper topics.


The above suggested 8th grade research paper topics are important because they help the teacher know if the pupils critical thinking skills are developed. For the pupils it is a good way to develop their researching and writing skills.

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