Apart From WordPress Thesis Themes: How To Go About Getting One For Your Thesis

Most of the information online on thesis themes will lead you to the program by WordPress. This program allows you to create your own website easily and has really good features that come with it. However, we are not talking about WordPress, we are talking about the write-up that will end up as your research paper or thesis.

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A theme is like a topic. It determines what your work is all about. Thesis themes are what your research will be based on. The one you choose should reflect your interests and strengths at the same time. It will be easier for you to spend hours researching, referencing and typing if your theme is about something that fascinates you.

Thesis themes can be sourced from almost anywhere. This is not to mean that you should move out of your area of study since it is about letting your spirit free. Doing a thesis on nutrition in Congo when you are an engineering student is absurd. However, if your interest can be tied to your field of study, then the better for you.

A thesis can be explanatory, descriptive, exploratory or one that solves a problem.

Necessity is the mother of invention. As cliché as that sounds, it is the reason for most of the thesis themes that people end up with. Research is meant to fill knowledge gaps that exist. Even in fields that have existed for millennia, there is still research that is ongoing. This goes to show that knowledge gaps will always be there. An example is medicine. Human ailment is still a wide area of research that consumes great resources.

Even if your interest has already been researched on, pick a different angle when looking at it. Take a lesson from movies, the themes may be the same but some things change-characters, approaches e.g. animation, settings change etc. If you love ancient architecture, do not limit yourself to Egypt, there is China for example.

Brainstorming with family, friends and colleagues can also be invaluable when searching for thesis themes. Sometimes all is needed is just being observant at what people do or say. At the end of your thesis you have to state and explain how relevant your thesis is to the academic as well as the man on the street. That is why at the conclusion, most if not all authors will advocate for further research in that area. Your theme could be in what is said every day; it’s just that you are yet to notice.

Thesis themes guide your work and keep it grounded. A reader finds it easier to connect the dots from the introduction, abstract to the conclusion at the end of your thesis when you have a theme. Choose one that you are comfortable with. If you are finding it hard to get one, do not despair. With technology, just Google and you will have an idea from the plethora of data online.


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