barn burning by William Faulkner

This paper is on the short story barn burning by William Faulkner.
Need to use two outside sources.

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answer the following questions throughout the course of your paper: What is the point of view of the italicized passages in “Barn Burning”? What do readers learn from them?What information about various characters is provided from the diction used in the dialogue of “barn burning” and most importantly Is this a story about colonel satoris snopes and his ”struggle against the repressive and divisive force his father represents”? OR is this a story about “the sharecropping snopeses and landowners like the de spains?” make an argument for whichever case you believe and substantiate it using quotes from the story. Outside research add greatly to the depth and validity of your argument. Make sure to document ANY and EVERY SOURCE you have used to enhance your paper. researching the culture in the U.S shortly after the civil war may hep you decide on an argument.

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