Biology topics for a research paper

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This is a condition cased by excess supply of protein called chromosome 21 in the body from each gene than it is expected to. It is for this reason as Trisomy 21. Though it is better than having no protein at all, too much of something is dangerous. This article will embrace one of the sensitive biology topics for a research paper.

Due to nature’s unavoidable cases, children inherit more than their parent’s looks which comes about when the couple of 21 chromosomes fail to separate during the formation of an ova or a sperm. This is termed as the non-disjunction state. Normally, a complete embryo contains a pair of chromosome 21 but a potential Down syndrome embryo, ends up with three copies of chromosome 21. Cases of this condition are common with female parents aged thirty and above. When the chromosome detaches from its source to another of its kind, it forms a state called Robertsonian translocation.

How do you know a possibility of the Down syndrome in your child?

When you start noticing your child’s face is flatter than the relative they resemble and they seem to have a broader nose, your child could be affected. The appearance of a larger tongue, eyes slanting to wards the northern side, with creased skin on the ends; you need to get them checked for this condition. This will help you prepare and take classes on how you can manage living with them. A visit to the doctor during pregnancy will be a good idea to allow emotional and mental preparation in advance. Blood testers include Triple screen and Alpha-Fetoprotein Plus.

If you are looking for more detailed information on how to diagnose this condition, you can purchase books with content that is similar to biology topics for a research paper. A qualified doctor should be able to draw a line between a probable Down Syndrome patient and a normal child with just unique appearances on the face.

Not all biology topics for a research paper touch on this relieving point. But is it treatable?

Though this condition is not treatable, the patient’s life and mobility can be improved through physical and speech therapy. Once you have massaged the affected parts of the body and can confirm that they are better managed, you should seek the advice of a surgeon to tell you if an operation to improve the condition. The most reliable measure is to inform your family and friends on what to expect when they visit. This will make the child more comfortable and unashamed of their difference.

Most biology topics for a research paper will talk about the patient and how to handle their condition, but those around them should take the initiative to learn how to live with those less privileged. Take a walk to the nearest hospital and find out more from the horse’s mouth and you might just appreciate the way you are and give joy to the normal people who had no hand in how they were created. Would you rather be the one discriminating biology topics for a research paper as this by pinpointing the differences among us?

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