Book Review Guidelines

Each student will write and present to the class a book review during the course. The book review must include the following elements:

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1.    Head of First Page: The left upper corner will indicate the name of the students, the class number and the date of submission. Two lines below, the title of the book and the author must be centered.

2.    Abstract: Two lines below the title of the book, this section must summarize the essence of the argument of the book in 200-250 words. This part must be single-spaced.

3.    Summary of the book: This is a descriptive section where the group will extract the main arguments from the book in a consistent fashion. The approximate length will be between 1,360 and 1,700 words.

4.    Critique:  This section will explain why or why not this book helps to understand one of the multiple aspects of contemporary international relations (500-600 words).

The book review must be circulated to the entire class by email 48 hours before the oral presentation; there will be a penalization of one percent per each three hours of late distribution of it. The book review weights 4 percent of the final grade.

The presentation to the class can be conducted with the support of any didactical materials (graphs, diagrams, power point, reproductions of tables of the book). The length of the presentation must be around 10 minutes and conclude with a section on questions for discussion.


1.    The book review must be double-spaced (the exceptions are the head of title, abstract and bibliography in single-spaced), 12-point font and page numbered.

2.    The approximately calculation for the length of the papers is 340 words per page.

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