Breast Cancer Research Paper: A Biology Research Paper Sample

Breast cancer is one of the commonest ailments in women today. This comes a result of abnormal irreversible changes in genetic material. This means that the cells which are responsible for the regulation of the growth in the breast fail to function as they should. This biology research paper will display the causes, who can get it, treatments available, and measures taken by the health organizations to make the public aware of it.

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What causes of breast cancer and who can get it?

  1. Aging

This may sound crazy but as the body ages, it loses its power to function with time and so do breast cells which leads to breast cancer. It is no excuse to however pray that you be granted an everlasting youth life which is impossible. Only fate can give keep you lucky. Personal strength and encouragement has gotten most women into living normal lives for those who depend on them.

  1. Transferred risk

It has been reported as a hereditary ailment in a certain lineage of Jews which proves that you can get breast cancer through as a family line’s transferred risk. It is again recommended to live for the cause you were put here on earth for, and live it to the fullest even when you are aware that such a possibility waits you. It may not be the same case that one of your relatives got it that you will be unlucky. This biology research paper author gathered that women below the age of 35 years get it through this cause.

  1. Menopause

This may not be a cause in it self but most women who have breast cancer get it at the age of menopause.

Early menstruation period

It may sound scary but the purpose of this biology research paper is to create the awareness and drive the facts home so that you may be prepared, should the risk come to you later in life. Another group of women reported to have breast cancer confirm that they begun their menstruation periods at an early age which is mostly before the age of twelve years.

Irregular use of birth control pills

They say that once you chose a road to your destiny it is wise to go through with it to the end. At least it is a true phrase though not common. So think before you rush to the chemist for a handful of birth control pills. If death does not catch up with you, you may not get a lot of children running around the house, but you may be putting yourself at the mercy of breast cancer if you suddenly stop using them. The purpose of this biology research paper is not to condemn you but to alert you that there price you may have to pay, so think hard, consider the consequences and make a wise decision on the type of birth control you will use.

What are the authorities doing to make the public aware of it?

This biology research paper may reach out to just a few readers, but the government officials have a bigger chance to reach their countries if not the whole world. Just having a Breast Cancer Day is not enough if tests are not done to identify those who are at risk and counsel them on how to live with it. This occasion however helps the healthy appreciate the courage of those afflict by this cancer, to the extent that they can join non- profit making organizations formed or supported by government officials to spread the word.

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