Bullying research paper topic suggestions

Bullying is continuous intentional aggressive behaviour towards other people, it could be verbal or even physical. It is usually meted out by someone who  in most cases is of feels  superior in terms of size, class, looks, race and gender among others. Most of us has one time or another have been on the receiving end of bullying or bullied others so it makes for an interesting topic for an  academic research papers. Since its such a broad subject, when writing a bullying research paper it would be to your advantage to narrow it down to specific area which is of interest to you. This research paper can take the following forms:

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In your bullying research paper you may want to consider a controversial topic that is bound to create contention in peoples minds, something that is interesting and debateable. For example you may  argue that they should convict bullies in high schools with the full force of the law to act as a deterrent in schools. This is controversial as some especially parents of bullies will argue that they are minors and don’t know what they are doing so the law should be lenient. Make sure to conclude by taking a stand and give facts and figures that can support your claim and allow people to see your point of view.


As much as bullying is not a new thing to most readers, there is bound to be a few areas in which they are ignorant about. If you should so choose, you can assume the role of an expert and present up to date facts to the readers in your bullying research paper. For instance you can enlighten them on the state laws on bullying .e.g.  In Connecticut, New York and Washington state laws require or urge  school bullying to be reported to the authority. Warning signs of presence of bullying as gathered by  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration(SAMHSA) can also be good material for an informative research paper topic.


In your bullying research paper you may want to go beyond just informing the readers and delve deeper through analysis. This is simply breaking down the information into smaller topics and not merely regurgitating the data information you have just collected. You go for the intricate details to increase a deeper understanding of this subject. This can be done by for example going into the mind of a bully and understanding why they are so aggressive. You look at the school and home  environment and  psychological analysis. In conclusion you will then express your unique conclusion and give solutions to this problem.

Always remember that a bullying research paper needs to be well written in the recommended outline as instructed by the tutor. Avoid plagiarism or rhetoric and write in your words, readers want to know what you think of the subject. The material you gather from your research is just meant to help substantiate your arguments and persuade readers to see your point of view.


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