Case Study, Human Resources (HR)

Case Study, Human Resources (HR)

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External consultant for staffing services
Project description
Case Study Instructions

Case Study Details and Your Role

In this assignment you will be acting as an external consultant for staffing services. You will be concentrating on staffing quantity and staffing quality strategies for Tanglewood.

To begin this case study assignment, refer to Exhibit 1.7 in the textbook. You will see that the Exhibit indicates a series of strategic staffing decisions: nine pertaining to staffing levels and four pertaining to staffing quality.

Donald Penchiala, the Director of Staffing Services, is interested in your opinions about each of these decisions as each pertains to Tanglewood.

Review the textbook material that discusses these thirteen decisions, and the material you have read about Tanglewood (separate attachments). Then consider each of the decisions and briefly indicate which way you think Tanglewood should position itself along the continuum and why. For example, the first decision is to develop or acquire talent. Indicate whether you think it is best for Tanglewood to focus more on acquiring talent internally or externally, and why? Describe the “key” issues that keep appearing across your analyses. Repeat this process for each of the staffing level and staffing quality dimensions.

Case Study Instructions

1. Read the Case Study Background Information file.
2. Read the Case Study Details file.
3. Review the Table 7.1 to Accompany the Case Study file.
4. Review the Case Study Grading Rubric.
5. You will assess the current operating environment for Tanglewood in terms of its competitors, structure, employees, culture, values, and human resources function.
6. Then you will then develop recommendations for how the organization should staff its operations, focusing on strategic decisions pertaining to staffing levels and quality (based on all criteria/issues listed in exhibit 1.7).

Follow APA 6th edition writing standards and guidelines in preparing your case study assignment.



EXHIBIT 1.7 Strategic Staffing Decisions
Staffing Levels
• Acquire or Develop Talent
• Lag or Lead System
• External or Internal Hiring
• Core or Flexible Workforce
• Hire or Retain
• National or Global
• Attract or Relocate
• Overstaff or Understaff
• Hire or Acquire
Staffing Quality
• Person/Job or Person/Organization
• Specific or General KSAOs
• Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce
• Active or Passive Diversity


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