Part 1

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In NO MORE than ONE-HALF PAGE EACH respond to “CASE,” pg. 103-04. (attached file human resource management _ch03) Use a paragraph each for Questions 2) and 3):

Each case analysis must include:
1) a brief, one paragraph, summary of the case; 2) a statement of your responses each question; 3) the reasons that should work for the case, citing course material; 4) a conclusion restating the important points in your analysis in a clear, concise manner. The reasons that should work for the case, citing course material.

Approach this assignment as if you had just been hired as a human resource manager in an organization and you have been assigned to come up with a solution to this particular problem. Brief but complete answers are expected because your boss is very busy.

Part 2

Using the discussion and guidelines for effective composition (pp. 103-110),  draft an email as assigned for Application 4.2 Case Study: PetroCo Refinery, pp. 111-112.

Insert a Header (Your name – HRMN 302 – WeekTwo)

As on pg. 105:


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