Chemical engineering distillation column

1) What is the problem?
2) Which of the five procedures you choose and WHY(We Choose 2 and 4) (why-it can be a theory reason or it can be a reason to save time or anything else that makes choose 2 and 4 out of the five procedures.
3) What do you expect to see if the distillation column is working properly and why (based on theory). For example, if the column is working properly the temperature of the columns decreases as you go up and the concentration of ethanol increases as you go up the column because the volatility of ethanol is higher than water. Also the temperature of the trays increases as more products (ethanol) is being collected.

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Fermentation- distillation
Your group’s function at TAL chemical is to provide engineering support the Ethanol production facility. The company has recently renovated their operation and one of the distillation columns(in the Moore lab) is being repurposed for larger scale R&D. it is your group’s job to experimentally determine the separation capabilities and the cost of operation. “Lucky” for you a senior engineering manager said he has a procedure (1-5 below) to test whether or not the distillation column is functioning properly. However, has was given three hours to perform the tests below. You on the other hand are only given an hour and a half, due to production constraints, so you may not have the time to run all five. Remember you main goal is to prove whether or not the distillation column is operating as designed, so choose the “best” experiments/calculations to do in the allotted time given.
1) Calculate the theoretical capabilities of the distillation column in the Moore lab.
2) Prepare an accurate Vapor liquid equilibrium diagram of water and ethanol.
3) Account for the energy usage of the distillation process.
4) Account for the final product’s ethanol concentration.
5) Analyze the costs and benefits of obtaining higher yields vs. higher purities.


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