Citing Sources In A research Paper

A research paper is a document that entitles a decisive and theoretical thought. Every student must do them and it gauges the student’s analytical and critical capabilities. Doing these papers is considered crucial because the effort and time required coming up with suitable answers to the queries. It is extremely tedious coming up with solutions to problems. It does not matter what field the paper concentrates on, it highlights the student’s opinion on a subject and is supported by facts.

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In today’s world technology has made it extremely easier to get information from the World Wide Web. You no longer need to be on a desktop or laptop to connect to the internet. The advancements in communication and information technology has made it that you can now use cell phones, smart phones and PDAs to connect to the net. It is both a blessing and a curse in that students can finish the research paper in time but there has been an increasing tide in plagiarism. Plagiarism is when a person claims someone else’s work as their own. The penalty for plagiarism is usually a monetary fine or incarceration.

It is possible though to avoid plagiarism in your papers by citing the source of which you got your information on. There are multiple methods on citing sources in your research paper. The most commonly used citations include MLA, Harvard and the APA. These are some of the guidelines on how to cite your sources and to avoid plagiarism.

Guidelines And Tips

You should begin the bibliography section of your research paper without anything. Based upon your parenthetical reference you should build upon it until you get the desired result. Doing this will make certain that you haven’t stated or cited sources that are not listed.

You should place the last name of the author you have referenced immediately after a stated sentence, do not forget to put the information such as the year that it was published. For example “The richest man in the year between 2010 and 2011 is the business tycoon Calos Slim (Forbes Magazine, 2011).” The use of a comma is optional.

Include the page number immediately after typing the colon, for example”(Forbes Magazine, 2011: 32)” you must check whether your bibliography has the sources written as a reference.

You should always distinguish the different years between cited sources if the data is from the same writer. This is done by putting lower case characters. For example “(Forbes Magazine, 2011b)” this is the first publication and “(Forbes Magazine, 2011c)” is from a later date in the research paper.


The is a lot of information on the world wide web on how to properly cite sources for your papers without getting into trouble because of cases of plagiarism. There are websites that you can consult from that will show you how to go about this process. Some institutions have a different method of citing sources for their citation for a research paper, for example MLA also o known as Modern Language Association or the Harvard referencing style.


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