Compare and contrast Masters’ and Neruda’s Poems

Compare and contrast Masters’ and Neruda’s Poems
Project instructions:
Metaphors motivate to think imaginatively, how do Nerduda and Masters ask readers to see the world? Consider whether fate is part of poetic focus and how this perception was communicated or rejected.

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Consider quotes from following poems:
Neruda: Poetry, Ode to beautiful nude, Ode to the sea, Tonight I can write
Masters:Fiddler Jones, Petit the poet, Mrs. Sibley, The Hill
? Do not give summary of the poem, but be very specific in discussing content and poetic devices in evidence for your thesis answer to the question.
? Use a variety of poems to illustrate your thesis point about the poets’ works. O Consider contrasting examples as well as similar ones.
? Be sure to identify the poem by the proper title and put that title in quotation marks.
? Devise a clear thesis answer to the question and plan your essay carefully before you write ? state what poems you will use to illustrate your thesis in your first paragraph, know what each supporting paragraph will contain, and save something insightful and comprehensive for your conclusion.

Pay attention to ?

1. Who is speaking? (the voice ? the poet him/herself, a persona, an indefinite or omniscient speaker?)
2. What is the attitude of the speaker to his content? (the tone)
3. What are the poems about? (the theme)
4. Look closely at the words the poets have chosen (the diction) and consider both the denotation and the connotation of those words. How do these choices affect theme?
5. How are the poems structured? Do they follow a specific form, such as a sonnet, broken into stanzas? What effect do the stanza breaks have?
6. How do the poems develop theme? (the poetic devices used)

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