Comparison Between Format For Research Paper For MLA And APA

Depending on the writing style you are using there are different formats for research paper. The different style include: – MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian among others. MLA and APA are the most commonly used writing style. They are mostly used academic works and hence can help describe the formats for research paper.
No matter the formats for research paper they all share common commodities like title page, abstract, introduction, conclusion and the references. The research paper should be perfect and the different formats for research paper not only do this but also make the research paper look systematic.
The paper on which the report is written on should be 8.5*11 according to the MLA formats for research paper. For the APA, the page size is not specified. Make sure the final copy is as clean as possible.
The margins in the MLA formats for research paper determine that we should leave a one-inch margin all around the text of your paper. All paragraphs need to be indented half of an inch, set-off quotations.
In the formats for research paper according to the MLA style you do not have to have a title page necessarily. On the first page instead on the left- hand margin, you type your name, you instructors name, the course name and number and the date. They are all separated by double spacing. After another double space of this centre the title of the paper. According to the formats for research paper only the first, last and the principled words should be underlined.
For APA formats for research paper it is different. There is always a title page and it is usually the first page. On the line below the page number the running head is typed in the upper case. Below the running head, following topics to it are centred and on their own lines by the use of lower and upper case, page title, your name and your school name.
According to the formats for research paper you should ensure your pages are numbered consecutively all through the manuscript. This includes the first page. The number should be in the right-hand upper corner of every page, one-half inch from the top. Type your last name before the page number. Some word processors provide running head options. This helps you in the formats for research paper as you can set it up as you create the format the paper. Meanwhile you are also establishing things such as the one half of an inch margins. Also you are working on the double spacing. Due to this features of formats for research paper the pages look consistent to the numbering of the page. This is a great convenience. Ensure that the numbers of the pages are always one inch from the paper’s right hand edge. (flush with the right-hand margin of your text) and that there is double-space between the page number and the top line of text.
If the research paper includes tables and figures, the tables should be labelled using Arabic number and captioned with those words to the left margin. This is according to the formats for research paper of MLA. Figures consist of other items like photographs, images, charts and line drawings. They should also be properly labeled and captioned.
The formats for research paper should be consistent in all areas.

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