Computer sciences and Information technology

Computer sciences and Information technology

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Socio-Technical Systems

Project description
Based on the Case Study, Which was more important in shaping the final outcome in Painter’s case study—the organization’s technical system or its social system? Why?
Describe what you see as the critical elements of both the technical system and the social system, and how they interacted over the course of the implementation. Identify what you see as the key turning points in the process, and how the resolution reflected the influence and function of each system.

Case Assignment Expectations

Reflect on your description and analysis (and perhaps adjust it accordingly), ensuring that you integrate insight and learning from various sources. Remember that these Cases require at least five academically relevant in-text citations and full references. Also, be sure to use enough concurrent discussion so that the purpose of each citation is apparent to the reader. (Note that the paper is incomplete without five academically relevant references. Articles from sources such as CIO and HBR are acceptable. You may also use military/corporate references, but they do not count as one of the required five sources.)

You will be assessed on the appropriateness and completeness of the detail you provide, your use of citations and references, and your intellectual insight into topically important issues.

Your paper should be four or more double-spaced pages. The issue in Case papers is not brevity but insight and completeness in dealing with the topic(s).

Use correct grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Also, check your paper for missing or inappropriately used words. When in doubt, check the dictionary and not “spell-check.” It is also strongly suggested that you ask a trusted colleague to review and edit each of your papers. Since your professional reports at work will be expected to be grammatically correct without substantial errors, your graduate MSITM papers should meet the same expectations.


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