Coursework Writing – What It Entails

Teachers require to test students’ knowledge in a particular topic or language. To effectively separate the chaff from the wheat, educational institutions have come up with the most effective way of assessing a students’ knowledge which is by having them write Coursework. Coursework writing has been proven to be the best way to assess students in comparison to taking exams. Exactly how has coursework writing been deemed effective?  Well, this is how …as it constitutes greatly to the overall grade of a student, the student is under constant fear of failing in a course. The student will alternately work towards putting in extra effort to curb the problem by attending the classes frequently, making concise notes and by increasing on the time dedicated to the course.

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As it is we are living in a society where we are judged by our success, there is the constant pressure to excel. Students are not left out; there is need for them to impress their teachers, hand in assignments, impressive written coursework for that matter, all for the sole purpose of achieving success. Those that chose success have to keep with pace of the class. This is because course works given are based on what is studied in class.

It is also by far useful and more agreeable method of assessing, as the student usually is in a relaxed mood as opposed to the tension posed in exam rooms due to the specified time given to take the test. When a student writes in a somber environment they come up with better output than when put to test. This greatly helps teachers assess their student’s knowledge on a given topic.

We can therefore rightfully say that coursework writing is here to stay as it is indeed a good substitute way of teaching. As a student it is therefore of importance to practice on coursework writing as it enhances the learning process.

The diversity in the types of coursework writing is mainly influenced by the different types of syllabuses in the different institutions. Generally, there are five basic steps in writing coursework and usually it begins with choosing a topic. To follow is the executive summary, of the research done, which is usually about 200 words long. After the executive summary, also known as abstract, it is followed by the introduction whereby a student cites reasons for research in broader details. Having exhausted and expounded on the research finds in the subject body, to follow is the conclusion. When writing the conclusion, careful to pay great attention to the research method that was used and evaluating it. Did it bring you the expected results? Was it effective enough? If unsatisfactory, go on to cite alternate ways that it could have been done differently to bear better results.

Lastly, read through the draft of your coursework writing, doing thorough revision on the paper and doing the needful editing by checking grammar and punctuation and correcting stylistic mistakes.

If satisfied with the work only then can you turn in the paper.


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