critical thinking model

1.    Choose one of the two following cases, apply critical thinking model to analyze, and write a comprehensive case study essay. The analysis should be based on not only the case material, but also any extra information you can find in your own research. The essay must be your original work. Citations from any sources must be listed in the end.

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2.    Case:
3.    Critical thinking model:
a.    Problem formulation: symptoms ? points of view? levels of causes ? problem
b.    Problem solving: use divergent thinking to generate alternatives ? convergent thinking to analyze and reduce to the recommended solution
c.    Reflection of decision, and possible outcomes

4.    Suggested structure:
a.    Introduction (background)
b.    External & internal analysis: general environment, industry, resources and capabilities, overall business and/or corporate strategy
c.    Problem formulation
d.    Problem solving
e.    Conclusion (reflection)

5.    Other Requirements:
a.    Use titles in each section
b.    Use precise business language; no mechanical errors should be present in your paper when submitted.  If during review process more than three mechanical errors are found, paper will NOT receive a grade!
c.    If you are not sure about your writing – ask a writing tutor for help before your final submission!
d.    APA citation style ( – make sure you cite anything that’s not your original work.
e.    Minimum length: 2000 words excluding references and notes.

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