Custom Made Essays

For many students in particular, writing custom made essays are a tedious chore and a general headache. It does not help that essays, being a standard method used by teachers to check on a student’s level of understanding of his subject, are unavoidable, carry heavy marks, and must therefore be well executed.

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There are many tips and tricks you can use to create an excellent custom made essays not least of which practice makes perfect. If you find the ideal formula to suit your personality, you may finally find that custom made essays are a joy to tackle! The following is the suggestion for a simple plan to write custom made essays that are clear, concise, and focused on their purpose.

First: Plan out Your Essay

Custom made essays do not develop to be brilliant pieces of work by themselves! Before you begin writing the essay itself, write up a plan of it first, slotting in all your points where they are intended to go. Writing up this plan is actually the bulk of the work.

Following a draft introduction, wherein you set out your argument, bullet point 3 – 5 main milestones, which you will use as your body or argument. Underneath each point or heading, include all of the points you need to touch on in support of it. Lastly draft a conclusion that would bring all of your bullet points together in a smooth, concise summary. Finally, read through each section, check the relevance of your various arguments to the question or issue you have set out to answer. If something seems off-key or isn’t vital to the main argument, remove it. And there lies your essay!

Once you have structured everything, writing it up should be a breeze.

Second: The Reference Trick

As good custom made essays are well structured and focused, the trick of referring to the essay topic is an excellent one designed to keep you on course. By using the first sentence in every paragraph as spear-technique into your next supporting argument, you will easily avoid forgetting getting carried away by one aspect of the question, and end up with a well-balanced, relevant work.

Third: Developing Your Argument

It is in the main body of custom made essays that writers often get lost, because, though their introduction is a clear statement of what they are about to embark upon, the body hold all of the details of the argument. Organizing these details clearly and concisely without getting lost or confusing the reader, is the main task.  Using the Reference Trick may help with this, but also establishing relational aspects of your more detailed arguments through simple key words may make all the difference. You may want to put them in order, using numerical references: ‘The primary argument for evolutional theories…’ or ‘The second phase of the condensation process…’ Or you may argue opposite forms of the same question ‘In direct contract…’ or ‘Conversely…’

Not only will these simple marking aid in the flow of your argument, but they will spur your writing too. Custom made essays should aim to be clear, cohesive and pleasant to read, whether discursive, or richly academic. Professors may want to see that you have analytical and intellectual skills, and you may have them, but without displaying your skills as a distinctive communicator, your purpose may fail.


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