Data Collection and Sample Population

Data Collection and Sample Population

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Paper instructions:
What is the consequence of smaller teacher salaries on student performance?

1.Identify the quantitative methodology that is appropriate to use to conduct a study to answer your research question.

2. Describe your sample population (be sure to include the following information as part of your discussion):

– what is your population of interest?

– to whom would you like the results to be generalized?

– what is an appropriate size of your sample?

– describe a sampling technique that is appropriately aligned to your study’s research methodology

3. Describe the data collection strategy(ies) you would use to collect data related to your research question. Please include a description of the surveys instruments, questionnaires, structured interviews, and/or existing records or other documents that you may use. Be very specific.

Also search the literature to determine if there is a pre-existing validated instrumented that you can use. Please describe your search (and results of the search) clearly.

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