Dissertation Coaching: Making it Possible

Being stuck at the PHD level because of an undone or yet to be finished dissertation is not news. To finally go through the dissertation process, you need to set up goals and structures that are realistic. Dissertation coaching helps you do this. When somebody is accountable to a coach, they have some pressure that helps them meet their weekly milestones.

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Constant feedback and acknowledgement reinforces one’s confidence in his or her abilities. Dissertation coaching provides that moral support you need. It also helps prioritize weekly tasks to keep the dissertation on track.  Meeting with your coach regularly can boost your performance, not just in the field but also in academics. External critique that comes with dissertation coaching keeps you objective and provides a sense of clarity.


Dissertation coaching removes the perception that writing a dissertation is something impossible and overwhelming. This is done by breaking down the whole thing into smaller chunks, with weekly achievements. Something as simple as having somebody to vent to when low and frustrated helps in an indirect way.

For those who doubt that dissertation coaching helps, look at the numbers. Dissertation coaching services are springing up all over and receiving orders from many students world over. Moreover, the coach is usually a specialist who knows the procedure and experience of writing a dissertation.


Dissertation coaching helps in the following issues and can come in at any stage of your work:

  • Narrowing down the topic you want to end up doing. Because of his or her extensive/intensive reading, the advice your dissertation coach will give will make it easier to make a choice.
  • Formulating the problem statement and hypothesis
  • Finding literature to be reviewed. Your dissertation coach will probably know the central works in your chosen topic. They should direct you accordingly to the right sources.
  • Developing the appropriate methodology for the chosen topic
  • Managing time is also done by the dissertation coach and it is for your benefit
  • Writing the dissertation proposal
  • Explaining the basics of formatting, style and procedure for presentation of your dissertation.
  • Preparing for the meeting where you will defend your work in front of the dissertation committee
  • Answering any arising queries


Dissertation coaching will help you avoid plagiarism because of the expertise and experience of your coach.  Note that a dissertation coach will not write the proposal or dissertation for you. This is not in any way different than a coach playing the match for the player. Dissertation coaching just increases the efficiency and ease with which you will do the writing. You find yourself enjoying dissertation writing.

Ensure you have your coach’s contacts. This does not mean unnecessary interruptions; hence scheduled meetings must be honored.

To find dissertation coaching services, check out advertisements on college notice boards, websites online and just ask around. Better yet, friends can be invaluable here, especially if they have used dissertation coaching services. Colleagues in the same faculty or field may also be good sources.




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