Emergency department observation: an observation experience at an Emergency Department (ED at a hospital) Custom Essay

You are having an observation experience at an Emergency Department( ED at a hospital) . Your objective during this experience is to identify the differences in practice in the ED environment compared to Medical Surgical unit . How do the nurses plan care? Manage their time? Perform the nursing process? What type of patients are they expected to care for?
When you are preparing your write up for your ED experience, please focus on the role of the RN in that environment, the interaction of the team members, and how this is similar and different from other roles you have seen healthcare workers in. Think about the responsibilities and decisions that the nurses make in the ED as they work through their day.
The paper should include a description of the environment, nursing roles, and responsibilities of collaborative team members. Also address unique aspects of the experience that you considered valuable to your learning. Please make sure your paper includes all the followings:
Compare & contrast emergency department with a medical/surgical unit
Speak to Planning care(nursing) / nursing process
Speak to time management for the Registered Nurse.
Communication – interdepartmental, intradepartmental,
Work flow – assignments, patient/registered nurse ratios, department layout
Teamwork -who does what & when, how does the team interact with one another
Department organization – does it support the work of the registered nurse(RN)
Documentation – what is the RN’s role?
RN Role – job duties
Etc – your thoughts regarding the experience

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