Endless material for Euthanasia Research Papers

Euthanasia is an excellent topic for a student’s research paper. The euthanasia thesis paper is typically packed with issues for the student to pursue and write about, and from any amount of perspectives. The euthanasia thesis paper may deal with moral, religious, legal and medicinal issues, to begin with, within each of which there are numerous aspects to investigate and analyze. The euthanasia thesis paper might examine a terminal patient’s right to die with dignity, when he has already doomed by medicine. Conversely, the euthanasia thesis paper might revolve around the internationally accepted and fixed doctor’s Hippocratic Oath, which commands, among other things that doctors ‘do no harm.’ Is death unarguably ‘harmful’? In fact, the euthanasia thesis paper, research papers, and other discussion materials rarely resolve anything, as this topic tends to continue expanding and widening, as it is pursued. In recent times, the issue has further been complicated by the outright legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide in two of the world’s countries, fodder, in itself for the euthanasia thesis paper.


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Euthanasia is the act of assisting someone to end their life, because they have asked for this assistance. The euthanasia thesis paper would do well to include a statement of the difference between euthanasia and assisted suicide. More technically, Euthanasia is the practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal disease, illness or other condition determined to be currently incurable through a lethal injection. Assisted suicide has the same effect, but is achieved through the suspension of life sustaining treatment. The euthanasia thesis paper may argue that this be considered appropriate for individuals who are not likely to ever get better again. Not only would euthanasia bring relief to the suffering patient, but it would also save both he and his family a wealth in medical expenses. Still, the euthanasia thesis paper may do well in examining the main practical argument against legalizing euthanasia. This is the enormous fear experienced by professionals in the medical and legal fields that this would open the door to a range and scope of unacceptable social behaviors whose negative potential and connotations cannot be properly assimilated.


The euthanasia thesis paper may consider the potential ramifications of the legalization of the practice for rich elderly and sickly relatives, as well as for those terminal patients who are so physically and emotionally stressed by their illness, that they do not know what they are asking for. The euthanasia thesis paper may mention that some terminal patients have been found to ask for euthanasia because they feel pressured to do so, for the sake of their families. The euthanasia thesis paper will certainly have to mention Dr. Jack Kevorkian, known to many as the patriarch of assisted suicide. The retired pathologist is currently serving a prison sentence in Michigan for his involvement in helping at least 130 people die from euthanasia.


Currently, the practice of euthanasia is absolutely illegal internationally, excepting in the US state of Oregon where assisted suicide is legally permitted, and in the Netherlands, where euthanasia proper, is legally practiced. The euthanasia thesis paper may want to inspect the legal history of the practice internationally, as there several more countries are likely to legally adopt the practice in the future. The euthanasia thesis paper may want to mention the roads steadily being paved in Japan, Australia, Columbia and Belgium, while the UK government is actively being bombarded by pressure groups. While the practice is not being approved, measures have been taken, for example, to remove legal sanctions against citizens and medical professionals found to have practiced it.


The euthanasia thesis paper may also want to mention the numerous pro-euthanasia pressure groups internationally, and their various activities.

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