Errors To Avoid In Writing Thesis Essays

Thesis essays are an important point of your undergraduate or graduate studies they are the determinant on if you graduate at the top of your class or not. Various universities have different expectations on writing essays hence it is important to be in constant consultations with your advisor as well as follow to the letter your universities guidelines. The writing of your thesis essays should be a great and fun learning experience if done in the right way. There common errors that most students make while writing their thesis essays this article will highlight these errors to enable you avoid repeating the same errors.

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  • Choosing a topic you have no interest in-This is a common error that many students make when writing their essays. They pick topics that sound very good and intellectual but they have no interest in hence they end up doing a shoddy job because they have no interest in the chosen topics.
  • Formulating a weak thesis statement-The thesis statement is the back bone of your thesis essays and hence if you formulate a weak thesis you are bound to have a weak thesis essay. Your thesis statement should be clear concise and easily understood. It acts as a brief summary of what your essay is all about.
  • Lack of a project plan-It is important to have a clear plan of action on how you will write your paper. Lack of a plan is like travelling in a jungle without a map which means you will get lost.
  • Weak introduction-The introduction of your thesis essays is what makes or breaks your paper. Most people do not read beyond a poorly written introduction. Well written introduction motivates the reader to keep reading through your paper hence give it your best shot.
  • Poor or inadequate research-If you have not done sufficient research this means that your thesis essays are bound to collapse. Just like bones without meat cannot survive the same way your essay cannot survive without full and extensive research.
  • Lack of proofreading-Before you hand in your research you need to proof read your work and correct any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that may be in your work.
  • Lack of a reference page and proper citation-It is considered as an act of plagiarism if you don’t cite the sources you have gotten your research from.
  • Failure to consult-It is important and advisable to consult your supervisor or advisor on each step you take in writing your thesis essays. This will save you the time you may take doing the wrong thing which would have been rectified during the consultation sessions.

When you follow to the letter the steps and guidelines given by your university and advisor you are bound to emerge as the best thesis essays writer. This has great benefits not only do you graduate top of your class but you become a better researcher. Many renowned academic writers began by writing good essays. Take time and put extra effort to achieve a well written essay.

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