Focus On Case Study Methodology

In the digital age it is necessary for you to adopt a business focused case study methodology. Case studies are great marketing tools that can assist your business online by increasing patronage. There is an effective way of developing case studies known as PAR formula.

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The abbreviations stand for Problem-Action-Result. When it comes to this marketing strategy this formula states that first you need to solve a problem. The problem must be defined otherwise there is no case history. Then you get to the action phase which must be undertaken by the person experiencing the problem. After the action is completed there must be a result which might be either negative or positive but still there must be a result. That is known as a tracking methodology that will allow you to know whether it needs to be improved or scraped. Many universities such Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Wharton use this formula as their case study methodology. Businesses have successfully used this formula because they are able to get results and are aware of what parts need to be improved.

Most businesses will advise you to use the formula as a case study methodology so that you can have full knowledge of the outcome be it good or bad.

Even lawyers use this case study methodology to better themselves professionally, because experience is better than being told what to do.

When utilizing a case study you are more likely to foresee problems that might hinder your research. A simple case study methodology can be carried out that will assist you in solving some of these issues. For example:

  • When you are doing a case study, it’s imperative that that you read the case study multiple times until you have completely comprehended the content and the matter.
  • Once you have studied the document, to locate what are the central issues. Most case studies have multiple problems but it is important that you find the most significant problem and concentrate on it.  Once you have done this you can now decide what other aspects of the case study are in direct coloration of the main problem.




  • Investigate what are the variables that may be causing the problem to occur. When dealing with a case study it is imperative that you know what variables stops everything from working to what stops a certain thing from working properly. When trying to drum up the issue you should be aware a certain aspect will be destructive or docile to the research.
  • It is good practice to make a list of all the possible alternatives. Find ways in which the problem can be solved and get the best alternate result that may solve the problem, even if it will not do it fully.
  • Once you have landed on the best solution from all the possibilities you should create a plan of how the solution should be implemented. This is an aspect that should not be overlooked.

The above case study methodology is just one but of the many simple methods that can be used with multiple case study.

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