Freight Rail Systems

Freight Rail Systems

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There are different organisational structures for freight rail systems in Southern Africa. Discuss the differences in organisational and management structures between 3 of the following 5 railway organisations in the region.

1. Transnet Freight Rail
2. PRASA/Metrorail
3. Namibian Railways
4. CFM of Mozambique
5. Botswana Railways

Section B: (50%)

There have been a number of concessions granted to private operators for Southern African railways recently, though not all have operated successfully. Some examples are Railway Systems of Zambia, CFB in Mozambique and TRC in Tanzania. Others such as the East African Railway (RVR) and BBR in Zimbabwe are still working. Based on the reasons for some working and others failing provide advice to Government of South Africa whether it should implement concessions within TFR (with reasons) and if so how they will work. If you recommend that concessions should not implemented then describe alternative private sector participation opportunities that can be followed.

For this exercise utilize information available on the internet or in related trade magazines.
Citation needed.

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