Functions, Structure and Types of Abstract Research Paper

Abstract is a brief summary of a research articles, thesis, reviews, conferencing proceedings or an in depth analysis of a particular subject or discipline. This help the reader have a quick knowledge on what is being written on. When used the abstract research paper is usually at the beginning of the manuscript.

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In some publication the abstract research paper is sometimes called the précis or the synopsis. The abstract research paper serves many purposes in any research paper. It also has a specific structure which should be completed so as to make it reliable.

The main function of the abstract research paper is to communicate the complexity of the research paper. It simplifies all the information of the research paper to standalone entity. The abstract research paper is mostly used for presentation as it is like the conclusion of the whole research paper.

As the abstract research paper is an outline of the complete complex work of the research paper. Due to this you should ensure that you follow the right structure so as to make it as easy to understand as possible.

The first part of the abstract research paper is the research focus. In this part you include the statement of problem, the research issue and the addressed. The next part is the research methods; include the experimental research, case studies and questionnaires. The next part of the abstract research paper is to include the results or findings and then write the conclusion and the recommendation. In some papers the reference is included though it is not recommended for standard style.

The length of the abstract research paper varies depending on the discipline and the requirements of the publisher. They mostly vary 100 to 500 words which is not more than one page. The abstract research paper is sectioned logically as an overview of whet appears in the paper.

Due to the growth in the technology in the world, some companies prefer having a graphical abstract research paper. This is a normal abstract which has been summarized to a graphic presentation. Its main duty is to indicate the type, scope and technological coverage of the article at a glance.

There are normally two types of abstract, descriptive and the informative abstract. Descriptive abstract research paper is mostly found at work. It has no judgement on the work and it does not give the results and the conclusion of the research. All it contains are the key words used in the research the purpose, methods and the scope of the research. The abstract research paper which is descriptive is usually short, 100 words or less.

Informative abstract research paper makes the most of abstracts. They do more that describing the work but they do not critique or evaluate it. The main arguments are presented and the important results are given as evidence to the books. The informative abstract research paper is usually longer but rarely 10% the length of the entire work.


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