Getting Through Doctoral dissertation

The last stretch of a marathon of a doctoral degree is the doctoral dissertation. Getting a dissertation requires months or years of intensive writing and researching. It is both a major personal and professional challenge on the body in order to complete it.  It is very important that you be extremely organized in order for you to earn your doctorate. Below are some guidelines that can assist you during the long haul of your studies.

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  1. Learn about the department’s specific requirements and guidelines.  Most of these programs have already established formal dissertation procedures. It is imperative that you determine proposal requirements, paperwork and rules, time frames and other considerations.
  2. You need to go through a high quality doctoral dissertation that was done in your field. Get recommendations from your adviser. It’s very important that you look into your options and resources before you make your final decision.
  3. Organize yourself, make a plan, create a time line and set a budget. You should also be prudent in making your plans because anything unexpected might occur. For example your research might require additional funds.
  4. You should start as soon as possible on your doctoral dissertation. Most candidates benefits from starting on the dissertations early. You should regularly consult your adviser and dissertation committee. Whenever you hit a glass ceiling you should seek advice so as to not waste any of your valuable time. No dissertation goes smoothly without any hinges, so its important to be disciplined to succeed.
  5. Try to establish an efficient system of going about your doctoral dissertation, this system should let you compile notes, revise, attend meetings, research and work on other dissertation- related activities. Depending on how good you are with technology you could use personal organizers, databases and spread sheets.
  6. You must maintain focus on the topic for you dissertation whilst you are writing and researching. Your doctoral dissertation should either solve a problem or answer a question. Research might lead away from the projected plan but it is important to stay your course.
  7. Most people over criticize themselves to the point where they lose complete confidence in their ability to do the work correctly. Self-doubt will do you no good, what should relax you is that a dissertation is a marathon and not a sprint. There is time to solve problems that you might encounter.  The discipline, energy and commitment that a dissertation takes from you can take a heavy toll on you. It is important that you try and erase defeatist thoughts from your brain.
  8. You should organize your notes and prepare a hard copy just in case of anything. You should rehearse with your peers or a coach. It is advised that your dissertation should resemble a presentation. This might assist you to answer questions easier. If it’s the night before you defend your dissertation, it is suggested that spend a good’s night sleep so as to be fresh the morning before.
  9. Last but not least is that you take care of your body through exercise and regular diet to fight off fatigue that comes from the long work on your doctoral dissertation.
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