Great Argumentative Research Paper Topic Ideas

Argument is one skill people are instilled with but it becomes complex when it comes to jotting it down as a research paper. Argumentative research paper topics might be harder to think of since there are a lot of ideas one may have on how he/she wants his argument research paper to contain. In order to write an argumentative research paper one has to critically research on suitable argumentative research paper topic ideas in order to have a successful argument research paper.

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Types of great argumentative research paper topic ideas

  • Should parents abolish punishment in schools?
  • Should gay marriages be legalized globally?
  • Is Christianity the only religion in the world?
  • Do Catholics worship statues?
  • Does Ebola still affect people?
  • Is there a cure for HIV and AIDS?
  • Is racism still in effect?
  • Is Manchester united the most successful football club?
  • Are all insurance companies frauds?
  • Is gender equality still affecting people presently?
  • Is USA the most powerful continent?
  • Is it true that infants do not see during the first 3months after birth?
  • Are computers smarter than people?
  • Do aliens truly exist?
  • Is there a heaven or a hell?
  • Is golf a rich mans game?
  • Is prostitution illegal?
  • Is pornography illegal?
  • Should gay couples pay tax?
  • Should all smokers including marijuana smokers be punished?
  • Should all abusers should be taken to court?
  • Do fat burner supplements actually work?
  • All rape offenders should be jailed for life?

Remember that these are just topic ideas for your argumentative research paper. The added information such as claim, evidence, results and conclusions are to be provided by you. Choose wisely the type of topic you want for your argumentative research paper.

It is important to choose a topic that you are interested in for easy access to the proper information that will aid you in your research. But already if you have been given a topic to write about then follow the instructions given for effective results.

These argumentative research paper topic ideas should be researched thoroughly in order to produce work that can be read and accepted. A good topic enables the reader to have an understanding on how the research paper should be. It is important to choose a topic that is broad and can influence the audience to understand your argument.

Do not fully depend on these ideas since they are not the only great topics one can find. Inspire yourself also to write or create a topic that other people can use when researching for their claims of their argument research paper. “Knowledge is power” and the best gift that all humans are blessed with is knowledge. If you are not a fast thinker then ask for assistance form your instructor in order to learn how great topics are created.

There are websites that one can simply use if you want to learn more about topic ideas.

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