Guide to writing a good research paper

A research paper is basically writings done by scholars that require the writer to read widely, think, argue and write about great ideas. There are many research papers and they include: term papers, thesis, academic research papers and other academic essays. Almost every student has come to write a research paper at some point in their life hence the need to know how to write a good research paper.

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To write a good research paper there are a few guidelines to abide by to make sure you get good grades:


Choose a topic

The first thing is to choose a topic that is thought provoking, useful, and interesting topic or subject to talk about. If possible let it be something that excites you, something you find personally interesting and believe in. Chances of writing a good research paper are high if you have a positive attitude and actually like what you are talking about. Make sure to narrow down a topic and focus on one topic to avoid generalizing. For example you can write an alcohol research paper instead of talking about alcoholism in general.


Gather information

After you have sought approval from your tutor and have been given the go ahead, proceed to finding information on the topic you have chosen. You can use available resources such as up to date books, articles, journals, online research libraries and even other research papers formally done by other scholars or researchers.

Have an outline for the draft

An outline for a research paper should be divided into:



The introduction should include your thesis statement, your chief reason for writing and the major points you wish to cover.  A good research paper must present the readers with an informed argument; grab their attention which will definitely encourage them to read on.



A good research paper must have content that is relevant to support your argument and give an in depth analysis of you want the reader to know. If it fails to inform or argue then it won’t meet expectations of the academic readers.

Make sure the paragraphs are arranged in a logical manner and avoid repetition or over simplifying ideas for the readers. Do not use code words or abbreviations as it will give you problems when you are reading your work because you won’t be able to recognize your own writings.



The conclusion of a good research paper is simply meant to summarize your arguments or to restate or reword your thesis. Here you need to specify the answer to your question or hypothesis statement.


Compile the draft

After you have made the draft give it to an objective reader preferably someone with knowledge on how to write a research paper to proof read and you an honest opinion. Were recommendations are required you can include them here.


Do the final copy

The final draft of a good research paper should be polished and rid off grammatical mistakes like punctuation and spelling and if possible submit a day or two before the deadline to avoid rushing last minute.



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