Guidelines To Argument Research Paper Topics

When asked to create a topic for argument research topics, it might be difficult to do so since there are a variety of topics one can choose from. Argument research paper topics differ in terms of classification such as business argument, history argument etc. In order to be successful in choosing the right topic one has to be passionate, focused and argumentative.

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Ensure you choose a topic that has a lot of oomph and that is easy to understand in order to have easy access to finding its evidence. Choose a topic that has a lot of information that can explore to provide influential arguments.

Finally choose a topic that is interesting and that also interests you in order to think big. Argument research paper topics need not to be too narrow or too broad. Research for potential sources that you can write about before deciding on the right topic to use.

Samples of argument research paper topics

  • Local area issues- this topic deals with issues that affect the community as a whole. There a lot of arguments that can arise with the use of this topic such as; should all roads be tarmacked? Should there be a curfew for adults living in estates? Etc.
  • Youth issues- this topic explains the tribulations faced by youths on daily basis e.g. should teenagers be allowed to drink? Should sex be taught in schools? Or should art and craft return to education curriculum?
  • Religion – examples of these topics include; should priests be allowed to marry? Should secular music be played in churches? Or should immodest dressing be allowed in church?
  • Education- these topics may include topic about educations. Should teachers’ salary be increased? Should all schools have libraries? Should students be punished in schools? Or is peer education important in schools?
  • Health issues- this topic explains a variety of issues that affect patients and health institutions such as; side effects of birth control pills, effects of plastic surgery, side effects of weight loss pills.
  • Business issues- this mainly can explain about insurance frauds, stock markets, business companies, or investments that are manipulative.
  • Sports issues- this can explain all the controversial that surrounds the world of sports e.g. is golf a sport only for financial stable people? Is Nadal Federer the no.1 tennis player in the world?

These argument research paper topics are just examples that you can choose from to use in your paper. One important factor is to ensure you choose topics that people can understand so that they can challenge you or argue against your claims.

There are also argumentative research paper topic ideas that you can access from the internet in order to use for your research, you can choose to use Google for help but only when you have no clue about which topic you want to argue out. Follow instructions that your instructor has given you to have comprehensible ides of an argument research paper topic.



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