Helpful Tips on APA style Research Papers

Good APA style research papers seek to effectively communicate a topic. A research paper sample may be on any topic. The paper needs to stand out and portraying the writer’s personality shows his/her creativity this helps the reader further understand.

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Research paper sample tips

Below are some helpful tips on writing APA style research papers. They act as a guide and are highly recommended when you want to write research papers using APA style.


Answer the question- At the end of a research paper you need to portray a specific message. More often than not a question is asked and the writer needs to indicate both sides of an argument. The topics may vary but the need to answer the question asked. You can do it by further developing the main body of the paper.


Use active voice- Any well written research paper needs to be in active voice. The use of active voice is considered a lot more objective than the use of the passive voice. Active voice often eliminates your biased opinion that is characteristic of passive voice. The use of “I” in sentences for example is characteristic of passive voice. The effective use of active voice will either make or break your research paper interesting. For example “I think weddings are overrated “This may be written as “According to research done by cosmopolitan the rate at which relationships are breaking up is alarming.” The later sentence is more objective. This is because it is based on information that has previously been researched and does not display the writers’ personal opinion.


Make it interesting- APA style research papers should generally be interesting. To make your research papers interesting aspects of creativity are important. If you want to be creative and don’t know where to get creativity from, a book or movie concept would come in handy. Be sure to make the research paper consistent by ensuring that it has a good flow. Making your research paper interesting will be to your advantage. Having and keeping a simple concept is important.


Have sentence variety- Ensure the APA style research papers include a variety of sentences. Sentences that are often used are simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences.

  • Simple sentences – Examples of simple sentences include those that have an independent clause. For example “During holidays I always look forward to spending time with family.”
  • Compound sentences- Examples of compound sentences include those that more than two independent clauses. They may also have two independent clauses. For example During holidays I always look forward to spending time with family, though I don’t get along with everyone”


  • Complex sentences- Examples of compound sentences include sentences that have an independent clause as well as an addition dependant clause. For example. The cat meowed all morning, and the cow, which mooed outside my bedroom window, made me wake me up today.


Generally good APA style research papers should not only follow the recommended style format but also be interesting, have sentence variety and use active voice.


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