Horrifying revelation about the oil spill in the ecosystem

The word ‘oil spill’ sends a chill down the spine particularly when one considers the damage it causes to the human being, marine life and the ecosystem at large. So far, the oil spill positions the largest environmental disaster in the world. The findings on the bp oil research paper reveal that the US government estimates up to 60,000 barrels of oil a day are spewing out from the damaged BP drilling rig to Gulf of Mexico estimates it. Since the oil spill cleared out a whole generation of animals, the food network may be affected in the future as well as an unpredictable population, breeding grounds were destroyed and even a year after the spill, the breeding grounds are not back to full capacity – this is according to a recent bp oil spill research paper.

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Another way BP could put a stop to this environmental disaster, quoting a recent study conducted by the bp oil spill research paper analysts, is to collect up enough of each species for the sake of reproduction. If in fact there was not much of a way to put a halt to the flow of oil, at least we would be assisting the animals survive through it. Gathering up hundreds of well-wishers would be an easy way to aid without it being too dear. By delegating aquariums for the endangered animals, it would also be a good opportunity for others to see the harmful causes that oil spills have on the environment. By then doing this people might be more conscious and want to reduce the use of oil completely.

The bp oil spill research paper further states the elite fear that due to factors such as petroleum toxicity and oxygen depletion, the spill will result in an environmental disaster, damaging the Gulf of Mexico fishing industry, the Gulf Coast tourism industry, and the habitat of hundreds of bird species, fish and other wildlife.

As far as the bp oil spill research paper is concerned, herein are six animals facing possible extermination due to the oil spill in the expanse waters of the world; bleufin tuna in Atlantic Ocean – the oil causes hypothermia and drowning of the bird, damage to the airways and general harm to the birds’ immune system. The second are sea turtles whereby interruption of breeding and fouling of breeding grounds are affected and tainting of algae, which perform a vital role in waterway ecosystems. Thirdly, the sharks especially the tiger sharks are not spared either. Fourthly, the brown pelican has had a difficult time with storms over the past few seasons and only came off the endangered species recently. Fifthly, the oysters choked with oils and hydrocarbons, which are not only toxic to the creatures but also a menace to their well-being. Lastly, the migratory songbirds known as mockingbird – there are about 96 species of neo-topical songbirds like warblers, orioles, buntings, flycatchers and swallows found along the vast waters along the Gulf of Mexico.

A recent study done by the bp oil spill research paper experts state that Nigeria has also had its fair share of the misfortune whereby for over 40 years, the nation has been faced with environmental crises involving not only oil spills in the near future but also a change in the ozone layer.

Finally, it is high time the members of the public alerted to be wary of any interference with the well-being of the eco-system for the sake of a better future.


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