How I learned to Drive the Play by Paula Vogel

How I learned to Drive the Play by Paula Vogel
Paper instructions:
To receive consideration for grading, the papers must meet the following criteria:

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The research paper must be a minimum of five to seven (5 – 7) pages long.
The research paper must have an approved, course-related topic.
The research paper must be typed with one-inch margins (top, bottom and sides), double-spaced following MLA (or APA) format.
If another individual types your paper, please have the typist type their name on the under your name (i.e. Typed by John Doe)
A minimum of five (5) different types of research sources are required (Periodicals, Books, Newspapers, Interviews, Internet, etc.)
Standard MLA (APA) notation IS required. I will be more than happy to look at drafts of your paper to provide feedback regarding the content of the paper. Drafts must be turned in at least ten (10) days prior to the paper being due in order to allow time for me to review your work and for the student to make corrections, delete or expand if needed.
A complete WORKS CITED is required.
The conclusion must include your thoughts and assessments of the individual or topic you are researching.


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