How not to sweat Research Writing

Though research writing may be one of the lengthier processes in college essay writing, it may also be considered one of the more straightforward ones. Professors readily hand out research paper topics to their students, during their studies, though they may come up with their own. Research writing topics are one of the most important factors in the success of a research paper, as there will be no audience for those that are irrelevant, unsubstantial, unspecific or plainly tedious. It is therefore important that students ensure that they choose topics that are well balanced, in terms of scope. Too broad a topic will result in a generalized, unimportant research document, of little if any consequence. Conversely, too narrow a topic will leave the student with little to go on, in terms of research material, resulting in an equally unsubstantial research document.

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The key to a good research document, aside from a thorough and well conducted researching process, is the format in which it will be presented. Research writing has its own formats, such as the MLA, which it is vital that the student uses as an outline for the final product. Professors often favor one format over another, so it is advised that students clarify the issue, rather than come up with their own, and risk losing points. Research formats ensure that the arrangement of the essay is clear, and make it easier for the student to plan his work in sections and sub-sections, slotting in points and topics in a logical, easy manner to assimilate, including the vital references.


Nevertheless, as in most academic writing projects, the topic, substance and expression of the essay carry the most points, in research writing:


  • Good essays in general are bracketed by a strong introduction at the beginning, and a punchy conclusion the end. The first is vital in drawing a reader in, while the latter neatly summarizes what the reader is supposed to take away with him, or give him food for thought.


  • While it is acknowledged that research writing is reserved for learned persons, the language contained in a research document should be clear and concise enough that virtually anyone could read and understand it. The use of technical terms, however, is welcome where relevant.


  • Because of their nature, it is required for research papers to contain clear, uncompromising references to the research material used. In the bibliography section, all such reference material should be clearly and alphabetically listed, for optimum effect.


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