How To Choose Argumentative Topics For Research Papers

Argumentative research  papers are build on  research that is already published. They are based on facts that have already been exposed by other researchers. Your work is to give your opinion based on those facts. If you are doing these types of papers , you must ensure that you have done a thorough background research on the topic you want to present. This includes looking for articles and papers touching on the topic. The choice of argumentative topics for research papers  will make or break your papers.

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To come up with a good research paper,it is always important to  choose a topic that you have a strong opinion about. So when making a decision on argumentative topics for research papers, you should go for the topics that you have have an opinion on. Make sure that you  can convince your readers with solid facts which are based on research. Your topic should be intellectually stimulating to draw the attention of the reader.


The best argumentative topics for research papers have an element of controversy. In order to make your paper interesting , you can look for a controversial issue that has been recently featured in the news. As a basic rule, you must have a strong feeling about this issue.


If you are in a college and you are doing an open topic research , your hands are not tied as to which argumentative topics for research papers that you can choose. You can choose  a topic on college life ,politics , business ethics , or even  crime.

Just make sure that different  researchers have not come into agreement on  your topic of  choice. Some agree on the issue  while others disagree.


Sometimes the media presents one sided view on some topics due to  vested interests. This brings us to another way of choosing you topic. You can  look for the topics which have frequently been misrepresented. You can then bring in a  view that is different from what has been presented in the media as long as you can get some published scholarly research to back up your arguments.


To make your research stand out , make sure that you present your issues in a unique way based on the facts you want to use in your arguments. You should start by clearly defining the issue to be discussed in your paper and give some historical information. This will make your paper educative and interesting .It will draw the attention of your audience.


To maintain the quality , ensure that you choose argumentative topics for research papers which  you can  gather adequate information on. Where possible get some statics on the topic . Remember  not to use any false information  as argumentative papers must be based on valid facts.


Finally, ensure that the topic you choose has some opposing arguments. Make sure that you mention the opposing  arguments in your paper so that you can give a balanced point of view. This will win the confidence of your audience and make it interesting to your reader.

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