How to efficiently Use A PowerPoint Presentation

Here are some of the guidelines to follow when using a PowerPoint presentation. Do not base the presentation on the slides The main purpose of a presentation is to add to the information that you are delivering. Do not make the slides the strongest part of the presentation, basically it should not be the main focus. Don’t Read the Slides There is no good reason as to why you should be reading from a slide. It is extremely annoying when someone reads word for word text that is on a slide. Your main role when doing a PowerPoint presentation is to commentate on the material, interpreting it and explaining it. You should never read it directly. Never Turn Your Back on the Audience It is considered extremely rude and you end up looking like a novice when you turn to look towards the slides behind you. Keep the laptop in front of you so that you can read it from there instead of looking back. Don’t Write Complete Sentences on Bullets Use short phrases or single words. When you are doing the PowerPoint presentation you should let the words come from your head just use bullets to guide your rehearsed thought process. Limit Animations A PowerPoint presentation can have multiple animation effects, shapes and words can both fly in and swirl around but for most presentations it is not advisable. The excessive animations can be quite annoying and it sends the message that you are a novice. Avoid Complex Charts Most audiences will not remember all the data that you have shown them so it is of great importance that you simplify the PowerPoint presentation. This will make it easier for them to digest the information. Let the Presentation be Consistent When working on the layout of the presentation you should not use multiple colors. All you need to do is pick a few colors that you will use throughout the presentation. Avoid using all the colors of a rainbow trying to make the presentation colorful. Also the text format should be consistent. Create Section Slides and Chapters When working on a long deck it’s important to give your audience a visual break so that you just don’t bombard them information. Like a book your presentation should be in chapters, breaking it into three or four chapters is ideal. Before you move onto another chapter you should always have a subtext. This will greatly enhance the efficiency of your presentation. Limit the Slide Numbers When you are making your PowerPoint presentation put yourself in the position of your audiences. No one wants to sit in a presentation with fifty slides. Say you were to talk for 3 minutes per slide you would have talked for two and a half hours. You should not make more than ten slides so that you do not have to rush through the slides. Spend just about the right amount of time per slide so that your audience digests the information effectively. Be loud and clear when you speak and let the slides compliment your work.

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