How To Format An Argumentative Research Paper

When it comes to formatting an argumentative research paper there are some ground rules that one has to follow to correctly format an argument paper research. These rules include:

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First, start by an introduction that does exceed not 1-2 paragraphs. Include your claim in the introduction and ensure that it is appealing to keep the reader intrigued. The argumentative research paper should include background information for people to understand more about your claim. It is important to have a strong foundation in order to have a powerful argument.

The introduction also contains the title of your argumentative research paper which gives clear view of your claim. Briefly describe the summary of the information contained in the research paper also known as abstracts for research papers. Bold, define or highlight all the key points or terms of your argument paper and its also vital to explain all the key theories of your claim.

After the introduction, start another paragraph that now contains the main component of an argumentative research paper and it is the evidence. This is usually one paragraph but can exceed only when instructed to by the instructor. The first sentence of this paragraph must be comprehensible, and then introduce the evidence in not so few but detailed words. Explain all the facts, statistics or reasons for your evidence. Conclude the last sentence of this paragraph with oomph so that one can understand the overall claim of your research paper.

After providing the evidence, ensure you write 1-2paragraphs without exceeding for counterarguments. Think critically on how you can tackle the arguments or questions posed by the reader which can be against your argument. This part is usually crucial and that is why it needs a lot of research and should contain only the important points.

The conclusion of any argumentative research paper contains two parts and that is part 1 and 2.


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