How to Identify Well Written Research Papers

For you to have well written research papers, basic writing rules need to be followed. Research, brainstorming, writing a rough draft and having a well defined outline are basic tips that are used in writing a well written research papers.

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Written research papers are characterized by the use of proper English free of grammatical mistakes while making sure to integrate both simple sentences that can stand on their own for example He likes to write. This sentence is complete and does not need further explanation to the reader since the point is already stated.

In well written research papers the use of complex sentences on the other hand is widely used. These are sentences that cannot stand on their own For example the girl who fell, has sustained internal injuries. In this case the first part of the sentence cannot make sense on its own therefore further explanation is given. The use of complex sentences help bring out well written research papers

Make sure that written research papers use active voice, this is a rule in general essay writing. The use of a passive voice is rarely used in essay writing. Passive voice is a creative aspect of style writing however it is not preferred in essay writing. Books and scripts for TV have been known to adopt passive voice occasionally. All aspects of well written research papers ensure that the active voice runs through the entire essay.

You can’t have a well written researched essay that has obvious grammatical mistakes. Proof reading and having an extra pair of eyes to ensure that written research papers are correctly punctuated and proof reading has been done by someone else is important.

Well written research papers include a thesis statement. This gives a summary of what you intend to further explain in your essay. It states the main point that you want to drive across. Well written research papers include a well defined thesis statement that is not too broad depicting different connotations rather is specific.

Citation and references- Written research papers need to have citation and references. Citing work is important. This is because it gives your work much needed credibility. It also gives you a wide option of material to work with. You need to clearly state references. If you have acquired information from the internet remember to mention that in all written research papers.

Outlines of written research papers give the research paper a sense of direction. The whole outlook of the research paper needs to be carefully prepared. A rough draft is usually used in the initial stages. Here the use of are widely used and are usually written in bullet points with aspects highlighting the topic about the research paper is included. Footnotes and head notes are considered in the outline as well.

In conclusion written research papers follow the basic research structure that has an introduction, body and conclusion. Grammatical mistakes is a definitely need a second pair of eyes to avoid them appearing in the final research paper. Complex and simple sentences help bring variety to the paper.

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