How To Improve Your Research Proposal Writing

There are reasons why some research proposals get funding and other that are never accepted. One way to increase the likely hood of the proposal being successful is to learn how they are assessed, evaluated and reviewed. For you to write a more successful research proposal will mean you spending more time preparing and planning. You should spend time organizing your research and planning, packaging and writing your proposal, submitting the proposal and doing follow-ups. Each of these steps is extremely significant and they will assist you in getting your funding. You should pay attention to each specification, the use of persuasive writing is expected and your solution should meet the client’s expectations. Preparing your bid for research funding Spend time on the request for proposals, so that the objective and goals in the research proposal match their plans. Follow these steps to improve your chances of getting funding. • Align Your Goals- try and convince them that your visions are synched with theirs and that your research will realize their goals. Your proposal might win you repeat business. • Be selective-do not bid on projects that you aren’t experienced in. Your proposal should touch on areas that highlight on your expertise and skillset. • Be specific- Don’t be vague, funders really dislike bids that do not approximate on the costs. • Better writing skills- To raise the chances of your success you should review successful proposals. View the type of language that was used in the proposal, for example you should write in active voice, be specific, be positive and make it an interesting read. • Leadership and research skills shown on your research proposal give the funders a glimpse on how you will address issues and risk when they arise. • Once the proposal has been submitted it is a good idea to contact the funding officer and talk about the evaluation of your proposal. • Make contact- You should contact the grant-maker and discuss the application guidelines before your write the proposal. You will make you have a connection with the review team. • Use right format- most proposals have guidelines that request you to follow a certain format when doing your bid. Do not switch from what is required to fit your needs, let the research proposal be in correct and appropriate format. • Make it comply- you should comply with the requests proposal’s goals, purpose and objectives. Doing a follow up with the evaluation team will score you points with the same agency. If you were to create a dialogue with the review team to highlight your proposal’s weaknesses and strength, you would end up getting more experience on what is expected of you. Next time you will be better equipped with your proposal. Conclusion After you have completed your research proposal you should review it and check whether the following areas were incorporated in you document: feasibility, purpose, funds, accountability, funds, needs and competence. The above guidelines should assist you in getting closer to funding for the specific research that you wanted to work on.

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