How To Reference Using Essay APA Format

When you are writing your essay for completion of your studies it is important to use the correct referencing format .There several referencing formats but the most commonly used format is the essay APA format that is used across several countries across the world.

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What is the essay APA referencing format?          

The full name for the abbreviation APA is the American psychological association referencing style uses the author date format when referencing work in your essay. When quoting directly or indirectly from a source the source must be acknowledged in the text by author name and year of publication. If quoting directly allocation reference such as the page number is needed. The end of your essay should contain a full bibliography of all your sources and must be listed alphabetically according to the author’s name. The format is mainly used for research papers and thesis relating to social issues it was first used in 1929.

 Essay APA format paper structure

  • Title page and abstract-The title page is necessary but depending on your advisor you can have or leave out the abstract page.
  • Introduction-This briefly tells the reader what the paper is all about and is especially helpful if the reader is new to the topic.
  • Reference and bibliography-Has a summary of all references quoted listed in an alphabetical order. The reference e page should be double spaced with no spaces between the references.


Advantages of the essay APA format

  • Enables writers to arrange their papers in a professional manner this enhances the neatness and makes the paper presentable and enjoyable to read.
  • The citation method qualifies the paper for publication in a psychological journal.
  • The citation formats include in text referencing that enables on conduct further research if need be.
  • The APA referencing is widely used by people across the world hence it is easy to present papers or essays referenced in this style with no worries of difference in referencing methods.
  • The essay APA format is user friendly and easy to follow and understand for both the writer and any reader who reads the final essay.
  • APA guidelines are image friendly and allow the inclusion of graphs and charts that are good to support to an essay.
  • APA guidelines provide a great structure that is easily understood.
  • The essay APA format is free from biased language that may dilute the quality of your research.

The essay APA format is the best referencing method to use due to its numerous benefits. If your university has not specified what referencing method to use then you are highly recommended to use the APA format. The fact that its use is not isolated to use in one area gives it a global feel and assurance that if you want your paper published people in different countries can understand it. The standard format of writing the essay gives your essay a profession look and assurance your essay will be highly rated.

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