How to write a 10 page research paper

A 10 page research paper is one that has a limited length of 10 pages. It is however a great task and calls for a lot of planning and ignoring facts when you have to stick to a specific length of research information. The skills in grammar and ability to still maintain the flow of your key points is a major issue you need to consider.  If you can manage to keep the reader glued and flowing with your facts and still maintain the number of pages expected, then you are good to go. The secret lies in the choice of the topic.

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How do you choose the ideal topic for your 10 page research paper?

Since you do not have the freedom to fully expound on your particular topic in a 10 page research paper, you need to select a subject that does not have many points. This however has to be one that needs to be addressed otherwise there would be no need for the research. Topics that require quantity analysis would be the wrong idea for this particular research paper because you will be expected to present your facts in diagrams and tabular display which will obviously take a lot of space. Homeless research paper is a good example for this type of article.

Arranging your work

Every type of essay should be able to flow in ideas so that the facts are driven home well. You should therefore be able to plan the ideas that you will expound on and at what point of the 10 page research paper. This is where the outline of the research paper comes in handy because it helps you lay down the statement that defines the importance of the research and recommendations that should be considered. The information selected to appear in the paper should be the most important points not beating about the bush about the matter at hand. Normally, you have the option of writing beyond a specified number of words but not less than, it is a different case in this type of research paper.

Reviewing your work

This process involves correction of grammar and deleting the unwanted points to meet the limited number of pages. However it is a key factor to ensure that you do not loss the flow of the paper’s content. Grammar is of the essence and therefore you need to be careful as to maintain the words that link sentences.  The connection between one paragraph and another is an important feature to consider as well. When you take out a sentence, you should go through the paragraph before that one to confirm that facts still flow.


When a researcher is working with editors from a research company, it is important to let them know what the work is all about so that they can do the editing within the degree you need them to. This is to ensure that your editors see it from the reader’s point of view and still maintain your key factors.

You can either choose to do the 10 page research paper on your own or hire professional help to do it for you. The above points are important for you to keep in mind though because no one can put down your emotions better than yourself.

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