How to Write a Good Admission Essay Sample

A good admission essay sample is one that explains and effectively communicates a specific topic to the college or university admission board. It declares prospective students intent to enroll in a university, college or Mba program.

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The essay should also relay the student’s personality and have a good flow. Creativity and good essay writing techniques should highly be considered as it stands to work to your advantage.


Helpful admission sample tips

Below are tips that you may want to look out for when you write an admission essay. Note that there are a lot more tips though this are basic helpful guidelines that will be of great help.


  • Should be interesting

When an admission essay sample starts like this “I have always wanted to be part ofCornelUniversity community” it shows lack of creativity. It is also obvious that you are writing an admission letter. To make your essay interesting don’t be obvious in your approach “You might want to know how my love forCornellUniversity started” that phrase makes the reader anticipate what you have to say. Also remember that you need to grab and hold the admission board’s attention. Delaying how your love forCornellUniversity started will be helpful. Remember not to keep the suspense going on for too long.


  • Use active voice

The use of active voice is important in an essay. Avoid using passive voice. For example ‘I know I am the best student you will find”. The use of active voice is a technique used in basic essay writing and also tends to be more objective. For example ‘My experience with the local community church helped me appreciate time management”. Notice that the sentence using passive voice includes a lot of “I” An admission essay sample should give the story an active voice. However do not use clichés. They may not do your essay justice.


  • Have sentence variety

Remember that your admission essay sample should include a variety of sentences.

Sentences that are often used are:

  • Simple sentences – simple sentences includes an independent clause. For example Oriental music is interesting.
  • Compound sentences- Includes two or more independent clauses. For example Oriental music is interesting, but not everyone may appreciate it.
  • Complex sentences- Include includes an independent clause and an addition dependant clause. For example. The cow mooed all morning, and the cat, which meowed, helped wake me up today.
  • Answer the question

An essay often seeks to find out something. Make sure you address the question. In the event that the admission essay sample does not ask a question, address then relate your essay to the topic and further develop it in the main body of the essay.


A good admission essay sample is one that effectively explains your intention to enroll in a high school, college and university or Mba program. Make sure that your admission essay is interesting to read, effectively uses active voice, and has good sentence variety that states why you want to be admitted.

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