How To Write A Thesis Statement

A thesis will determine whether or not a student will fail or pass their class. Before you begin working on your thesis project you must get approval from your professor. Depending on the subject that you wish to take on a thesis statement must be presented to the lecturer. It could range from a full length paper to just one sentence. The statement is thought of as a preface of the thesis. The statement should be both interesting and insightful; it must capture the attention of the reader until they can’t wait to read the thesis.

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The thesis statement should state the main goal of the paper and should also be very specific. For example if you are going to write about European bailouts, you should focus on the banking crisis, the bond market or the euro. The reader should know the particular areas of the issues that you want your thesis to tackle on.

Writing A Thesis Statement

Investing both effort and time into writing a statement will ensure that the idea will get you the grade. Below are some of the tips that you should consider when writing a statement to present to your professor.

  • Declare- Most students tend to declare their thesis in the middle of a paragraph or the very end of the statement. It is a good idea to state it at the beginning of the statement. The heart of the topic that you want to tackle on should be very clear. When you declare this at the beginning of your statement can make the reader either decide to keep going on or to put the thesis statement down.
  • Be bold- The number of statements that professors read every year is usually on the thousands so it is a generally a good idea if you make yours standout. Do not be afraid to be creative, bold and daring. Make a statement that is thought provoking. Approach the topic from a fresh perspective but you should also stick with the facts.
  • Be specific- it is extremely important that you specify what your thesis is going to be about. You cannot afford to generalize your paper, the reader should see clarity in the statement so do not beat around the bush.
  • Defend-If the essay required of you is meant to be argumentative then the thesis statement should lay down your foundation for the defense that you plan on using. The rest of the statements should strengthen your arguments by citing statistics, facts and even polls.



There are some cases where a thesis is worked on by a group of students. If that is the case then you need to brainstorm and generate a topic that everyone will be on board. When working on the thesis itself, it can be extremely difficult to evenly split the work between all the group members but it is crucial that you find the proper balance. The thesis statement should reflect on everyone’s contribution. The thesis gives you the opportunity to work on a subject that you have interests in on a far deeper level. It has the possibility to prove to your lecturer and prospective employer upon successful graduation that you can work with a team.



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