How To Write Abstracts For Research Papers

When writing abstracts for research papers one fundamental thing to note is the type of abstract you want to use for your paper. There are two types of abstracts, informative and descriptive abstracts. Informative abstracts include information found in a descriptive abstract that also include conclusions and consequences of the research and are usually long. Descriptive abstract includes information found in the research and it does not provide consequences and conclusions of the research but it incorporates keywords. They are usually short 100 words or less.

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Ensure that the type of abstract you have chosen is readable and of high standard or attractive to the reader. Also you have to decide on the appropriate topic to use on your research or academic paper. There are key notes to note when choosing the right topic such as type of quandary it address, theory being examined, technique used to tackle the topic, key findings and conclusions from the findings.

It is important to keep the abstracts for research papers short and precise but make sure you have incorporated all the key points of the research. Abstracts for research papers do not comprise of figures, tables, shapes, objects, pictures or references. They consist of phrases and keywords that recognize the content of the work. It is important to use clear, terse and potent language for your research paper. Ensure you bold or highlight the key points of the research.

Abstracts for research papers do not contain the following;

  • Referrals to other people’s works.
  • Add information that is not in the original work.
  • Definition of terms.

Follow the specifications that you were given by your advisor or mentor correctly without any addition.


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